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ECOROAD is a complementary transport system in your product range. ECOROAD makes full use of the vehicle GTW, to enable an exceptional payload to be obtained:

  • 4 to 5 tonnes of payload with a 9T GTW with a BT licence, a 3.5T tractor + trailer (depending on the type of trailer body).
  • 8 to 9 tonnes of payload with a 12T GTW with a C1E licence, a 7T tractor + trailer (depending on the type of trailer body).

A reminder about Driving Licences:

BE licence: A BE license obtained before the 19 January 2013 allows the holder to drive an ECOROAD with a GTW of 9 tonnes. For the license obtained after this date, the GTW is 7 tonnes.

The new C1E European Driving License: A C1E license allows the holder to drive an ECOROAD with a GTW of 12 tonnes.

The ECOROAD solution helps you to:

  • Solve overload constraints on commercial vehicles
  • Respect the legislation in force
  • Drive in complete safety

ECOROAD is designed to receive a wide range of bodies: Curtain sider, van, refrigerated body, flat truck, crane, tipper, car transporter, car hauling trailer, etc.

ECOROAD, flexibility of use:

  • A fast and manoeuvrable vehicle that satisfies contemporary requirements for the transport of retail goods.
  • Optimization of the transport of personnel in the case of a double cab vehicle: this type of vehicle allows up to 7 people to move to their place of work.

The economic benefits ECOROAD :

  • The BE and C1E driving licenses are more economical than HGV licences. No need for FIMO training.
  • Maintenance costs are less for a LCV, compared with those of an HGV.
  • Fuel consumption is less than for an HGV, without having to compromise on the payload carried. On average 6,000€ of savings for 100,000 km travelled!
  • Class 2 tolls for a 3.5T tractor + trailer (depending on the type of trailer body). A combination with a total height greater than 2 meters and less than 3 meters, with a tractor vehicle with a GTW less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes.
  • A mini-semi-trailer has a longer service life than a rigid truck.
  • Being able to separate the trailer from the tractor allows replacement of the tractor without the additional cost of replacing the body.

The technical benefits ECOROAD :

  • The trailer design with the latest technical developments.
  • Its approval is European.
  • The galvanised chassis, pneumatic suspension with raise and lower functions, BPW axle, disc brakes with ABS, LED lights, etc. all contribute to the production of a high quality finished product.
  • The versatility in the type of towing hitch and the interchangeability of trailers contributes to the flexibility of use of ECOROAD vehicles and to the savings you can achieve.

Examples of our mini LCV semi-trailer: