Product dimensions

Single axle low loader

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  • Chassis

    2 welded galvanized steel side members. Structure reinforced with galvanized riveted and bolted diagonal cross bracing. Bare aluminium or galvanized steel frame + floor cross members. Rear low section.

  • Floor

    Laminated non-slip panels.

  • Running gear

    1 BPW axle with disc brakes. Pneumatic suspension with raise and lower functions and automatic level reset. Mudguards, anti-spray flaps, single wheels with tyres.

  • Brakes

    Pneumatic, compliant with European standards. Spring parking brake. ABS.

  • Electricity and signalling

    Compliant with the Highway Code, 12 V with a 13-pin socket. 5-function LED rear lights. LED side lights. LED front and rear marker lights. High visibility reflective adhesive marking to EC standards.

  • Equipment

    EC aluminium cyclist guard inside the wheelbase. Rear under ride bar. Maintenance booklet. Wheel spanner. Wheel chocks with carrier.

  • Finishing

    Chassis structure hot dip galvanised.

  • Options

    • Spare wheel carrier
    • Spare wheel
    • 600 mm PVC tool box
    • Lashing rings
    • Strengthened front panel
    • Aluminium sides, height 600mm, 3 per side. Rear tailgate or double doors
    • Hardwood floor on omega section cross members
    • Reduction without floor
    • Reduction for bare chassis

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  • Magasin

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